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The Oldest Existing Restaurant In Vernal

"We would highly recommend this place for food we will be back. The price was very fair the quantities were large and the service was excellent we would highly recommend this place"

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Welcome to 7-11 Ranch Restaurant & Catering!

The 7-11 Ranch Restaurant is the Oldest Existing restaurant in Vernal. In 1933 Warren Belcher sold a cow and bought a hot dog stand on South Vernal Avenue, rising to the challenge of getting it moved to East Main Street, he bribed George Ramsey with a jug of whiskey to borrow the city's cat and moved the stand in the middle of the night. George took the bribe and the rest is history.

Warren and his wife Daisy operated their restaurant as The Grub Box until their new place was built in 1949. The Cafe was named the 7-11 and sported 4 dice on its marquee, supposedly because Warren liked to gamble and shoot craps. It was also said that the Belchers wanted eleven children, but they only had 7. One night a couple of men came in and after looking around, asked the waitress where the "Crap Room" was located. She hesitated a minute then directed them to the men's restroom. They came out looking very sheepish and left.

The 7-11 Ranch Restaurant is still owned and operated by Warren and Daisy's Youngest Daughter Connie and her husband Jerry Pope.

Eggs and bacon on white plate.

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